14K Yellow Gold Family Crest Ring

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Family Crest Ring
is your site for hand engraved fine jewelry created by Eric Margry. Whether you are looking to preserve your family crest in precious metal or for a gift personalized with engraving, Eric Margry will bring his attention to detail to your project executing each piece personally.

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18K White Gold Family Crest Ring

Eric Margry is the pre-eminent hand engraver for fine jewelry stores in the Washington, D.C. area. He attended a four-year program in the Netherlands studying under master craftsmen to learn this exacting, old world technique. He has practiced his art for over 30 years in the United States. Only hand tools are used-no machines, acids, stamps or lasers.

14K Yellow Gold Family Crest Ring

Eric Margry is one of the few artisans in the U.S. who is proficient in creating these wearable symbols of our ancestry. Your family crest can be engraved on a ring, cufflinks, pendant or earrings. We can research your crest or you can provide us with a drawing or description. Eric Margry will hand-draw your specific crest onto the jewelry for optimum design detail before hand engraving your piece himself. He utilizes the same methods that were established
500 years ago.

14K White Gold Family Crest Ring

Let Eric Margry create your personalized family crest ring that will reinforce family ties and last through the ages. Preserve your family crest in precious metal and connect with your ancestral past.